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3 Steps to stay positive in any situation.

1. Accept how you feel

How you feel is a response from your body, mind, and spirit. Your feelings are communications to your outer self and you can choose whether to respond or not. The best way is not to give in to how you feel, is not to fight how you feel but Embrace how you’re feeling. When your loved one is gone, learn to accept who you are now. Reality does not always in line with our plans so, don’t be defensive or offensive to yourself, blame games will fail during this time. The adaptability of your new self is formed through acceptance. Like water, learn to take the shape of anything.

2: Check how you think Why you think that way

There are three people you can’t lie to; Doctor, Lawyer, and God. Studies show that we can lie to our own selves until we believe our lies. Truth always wins the race, for life is a marathon, not a Sprint. The key here is, to be honest with yourself. is it because I was jealous? is it because am in love with him/her? Why did I react that way? Is it because am lonely? Am I insecure? Do I trust him/her? A truthful answer to the questions is needed. Every answer will tell you what next.

3: Release what you cannot control now

As much as we wish and want, some things are just beyond us. We can’t pray for the sun to appear in the night nor vice versa. Situations either require patience, do it now or plan for it. We should learn NOT TO promise what we cannot deliver, then peace comes. The Question of priority comes in here. What you give your time to, you prioritize. If you spend time sleeping, you prioritize sleep, the same as phones and people. It’s time to choose your priorities right. Good Luck

Power, today comes from sharing information, not withholding it

Keith Ferrazzi

One response to “3 Steps to stay positive in any situation.”

  1. Very insightful. I never saw it that way, thank you


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