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Your baby your everything. why?

The bond between the mother and the child is well established in the unseen world and more in the seen. Notice how you feel your baby crying and even differentiate his/her voice in a noisy environment. The unseen world forms a stronger bond than the physical world 🌎.

Loving your baby should not be an option, they never had the option to choose their parents, and neither do you. We only have two irreplaceable parents who chose us. This is how God Loved us before we loved him. The connection starts in the beauty of creation, and to the latter end of the days.

Treating your baby well is based on a solid foundation called Love (the unseen). Love was meant to give, not to take. (John 3:16). Look at your baby with Love, allow yourself to feel, fight any resistance and embrace them in your arms.

You have been blessed with a bundle of joy, Love expressed physically, and A warm genuine smile with no teeth and small lips. Don’t you dare throw your blessings away! Your baby is your everything.


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