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A Short Little Story of ‘never give up’.

Not long ago, there was a girl with a dream: a dream of living the life she always admired on TV and in magazines. The big house, luxurious cars, and the lifestyle, The house she lived in with her dad was a beautiful house, roofed with grass and walled with mud. In their village, education was the only way for her to achieve her dreams. With that in mind, she worked hard in school, had few friends, and read every time, everywhere. Deep down, she was driven by her ambition to live the life she desired.

Likely, she did not attain the required grades for her to join the university. Getting married was the norm for women after failing to continue with their education at the time. However, her motivation collided with the village norm. As is the custom, her dad started arranging for her marriage. When she realized this, she ran away from home, walking miles and miles and crying.

She met an old man walking toward his house after a long day at the farm. They talked for a while, and she lied about the real reason she wasn’t at home and spoke about theft and the bandits that executed her parents. Her mother’s story was true, but her father was fine. The cooked story came from her fear of the old man contacting his village. The old man couldn’t understand because that’s how she married his wife, too. She stayed for some days and then finally understood that she had to go to the city to achieve her dream.

It was clear to her that that was the only way to get what she wanted. Luckily enough, the old man gave her some money since he respected the girl’s decision and wished her good luck. The girl had nothing except the clothes she wore but left there with a small bag full of clothes, given by the old man’s wife. The money given was not enough to reach her destination. She did not stop either; that morning she went straight to the bus station with less cash than she had.

To make it interesting, A few minutes after sitting in the waiting bay, being squeezed by other travelers, she came to her realization and thought about how she got there and why she was going where she was going. Deep down, she wanted what she thought was best for her, and obstacles were just distractions. Then she started crying silently in the waiting bay. The decision-making process that must be experienced before any achievements are achieved or made

Then somebody came and tapped her on the back and asked her if she was heading to the city! She felt confused and angry. the war between the mind and emotions. She said a weak yes, bargained for a while, and then she was on board. While sitting down inside the bus, she wanted to alight but felt weak. She suddenly did not know what she was doing. While all this was happening inside her mind, the bus started moving, mile after mile.

After miles of traveling, she arrived at the big city, where she was amazed at the tall building structures. The architectural designs left her speechless, but the feeling that her dreams would come true sooner brought back the lost joy. It was her first time. A shift of thinking can change a lot, including how you feel. She knew no one there, but from the rumors back in the village, the city was full of opportunities.

The first job was to seek a job. A village girl with no skills and no experience in city work was determined to get a job. The first thing she did was ask. Where she was standing, she asked for a job. Some no’s come first until the request becomes too loud later in the evening when she is called. The offer was to be a waiter in a small cafe. She was excited, accepted the job, and was ready for work. She explained things to her employer about having no place to stay, and the employer took her in. She stayed with the family for 3 months and then got her own place.

She worked there for 2 years, then took another route to her goals. It never left her: “Why did she come to the city?” During her time working and interacting with people at the cafe, she learned about proceeding to school and taking a course in college, so she saved enough money. She had already applied and was ready to join school again. She took a business course, but the money she saved could not manage her one-year course, so she started a food business. She gained experience while at the cafe, so she thought of making use of that. Her customers were her college students, some teachers, and outsiders.

The business was okay, and she was cooking at her house and delivering to her customers. managed to pay her bills and save some money for the next study at the business level. The food was great and her customer number was up, so she employed some of her friends to help her with delivery and cooking and also opened a cafe as she needed a bigger space. She was a very busy woman back then. After a year in business, she opened a restaurant, and a year after another, she bought herself the cars she wanted, bought a house, and built one in her home.

The lifestyle, the cars, and the houses were not in the magazines anymore. She currently runs an international hotel and restaurant, famously known for the organization that inspires young women to never quit. Her name and other details were kept sacred for various reasons. We believe that all that we imagine can be achieved. Giving up is an option presented at every junction in life. The will to move on requires inner strength and a blind eye to the environment.



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