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Why you don’t have a job!

The system was created to reward value, do you need a job? then you need this information.

Why People seek jobs

We honestly don’t need jobs, we need the life of waking up each morning and going somewhere then coming back in the evening like everybody else. Another reason we seek jobs is the bills we must pay, the family that depends on us, and the loan that bugs us each time. When an urgency for money comes, we usually think we need a job, but do we? Most people have now realized this and are starting their own businesses which is okay.

Why you are not getting a job.

The universal system operates on value. Value is simply the worth of or the importance of or the usefulness of something or someone. The most paid people are valuable and more importantly, it’s the value that gets the job, that maintains a job and that gets you fired. The employer is not looking for a salesperson, he is looking for sales. The companies are not looking for accountants, or managers, not even CEOs. Every position has responsibilities and the one who performs the responsibilities as needed gets the job. They simply need the job done.

The schools are doing a great job adding value to us. It is the addition of value you pay as a school fee, and afterward, we offer it in return for money. You do not need a school to be valuable. Everything is learned majorly through experience. Value has been the secret of greatness, what brings them on top and what maintains them on top.

It’s The Law of Giving

The Law simply states that what you give is what you get. The value you give is almost proportional to the reward you receive. A waiter in a restaurant can’t be paid the same amount of money as the manager in the same restaurant, for what they give is different. The Law also works on the most successful companies; the more they create value to help their customers, the more revenue they make. The explanation can be largely extended, you can leave one in the comments.

Know what to do

Value is useless until you give it, like tonnes of Gold hidden in ancient Egypt. Once you find out what you can give, you need to be great at it. This means practice now and then, working hard, and consistency. Remember your best cooking skills will not be valuable until you start getting paid for them. It always takes time to be great at something, so start now, start today, it has never been too late. Good Luck.

Stick with people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness.

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