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The Crush’s Letter

My heart beats for you, my mind thinks of you—you are the one I want. Just by thinking of you, I feel beautifully loved again. Let me have you in my hands. Let me feel your body on mine. How can I win you? A day without you is too long… stop it, your smile! You always do that; you are corrupting my mind, but I love it; I want it that way; please never stop.

Come, my love, come to me. A day with you is too short. Please come forever. You shake me to my very core with your touch. Should I scream? Should I shout? I don’t know! What I want is important, and it is you, yes, you! No one told me love tasted like this. Who cares what they think? What matters is what you think. No family, no friends, no one but us—just the two of us. That’s what matters, just you and me. I want to live with you, have our children look like you, and kiss them in the morning just like I do you. 

Do not listen to them; they are envious and jealous. How will you know they are not lying again? But I am here, just for you, to share with you this small life I was given. You are special to me. Yes, no doubt, you will be the one I kiss on our wedding date, be within my secret place, and show you the world. I will protect you and our cute babies on the way. You need to relax now. I got you, baby.

Show me that smile again, make me follow you—I can’t stop falling for you. I’ve never seen anything like you, baby; no wonder I can’t seem to let go. You make me feel special, proud, and bold whenever I am around you. Your voice calms me down; to your voice, I do listen attentively; when you speak, nothing else is worth listening to. How do you do this? I told you you were special; I meant that. If no one sees that, then they do not deserve your attention.

How will I pour these feelings to you? How will I not read your reply under my blanket? This feeling is overwhelming; I guess I need your hug. This time, make it tighter, longer, and more touchy… This has to last forever. Now I’m missing you and you can’t stop me from picturing you in my head, Sweetheart. I can’t say more than this, and I hope your heart hears me now.

My heart has accepted you; I know you are single; I did my little research; I wasn’t stalking, but am just in love with you. Is that wrong? Now, do you mind if we hug next time? Maybe we should walk a bit closer? We don’t have forever, baby; time flies, and I want us in the cockpit, flying the time. Don’t turn away from me; do not take you away from me; don’t try; just come and let’s make this work…



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