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Before You Go, Take Why & Courage. Bye!

The path you take will not be easy, but hard is not impossible.

Gold needs to be dug deep, and the diamond extraction process is tiresome even in theory. Expectations are why we get hurt, but how can we survive without expecting something.

The joy of starting a business is more at the beginning than after. We get more excited before we buy the phone than later. Sometimes ‘expectations’ is all we got.

No shortcuts, sorry!

The truth will set you free and give you the way forward. Find out why? Why are you crying? Why are you feeling Low? Why are you really angry? Why are you really excited?

What you hear and see forms what you believe. What you believe creates your definition of truth and false, right and wrong. Your definitions create your mindset, Your mindset defines how you live, treat others, and behave. Good and Bad behavior is rooted deep in our beliefs.

Acceptance is forgiveness and we all need it. Taking a new path in life requires a high level of faith. Faith is the belief we create, an “expectation” that we use as binoculars to see the dark future.

Yes, face it head-on, nobody knows Tomorrow

The future is bleak, and dark with no shining light for those who don’t approach the darkness. The parachute might come, but you won’t know until you jump. Do not be afraid, others have what you want, there is a way, You are not just seeing it yet.

Today is the darkness of yesterday and tomorrow is the darkness of today. No matter what you might plan, the risk is still high. A lot of things can go wrong. don’t get us wrong, what we are emphasizing here is the planning fallacy. You hoped for a car, what happens when you don’t get it?

Can we blame it on bad luck or good luck, as in, do they even exist! It does not matter, just wear the courage and go ahead. The mountain is bleak on top but mountain climbers exist. There is a way, trust your guts.

Faith is a risk, they just believe it too much

A strong mentality makes one achieve the goal, no A’s or B’s. Obstacles exist, if they don’t then they will come. We have to accept reality and obstacles as part of the plan, so instead of avoiding them, plan for them.

Sticking to what you believe, is good, but don’t be too rude not to accept the new reality. Faith needs to be redefined.

Work on you, You are important

No matter how bad you feel, it will soon disappear, no matter how hurt you are, it will soon be gone… the real question is; what happens after that?

One day you will overcome your feelings, they will no longer be hurtful memories that make you cry. Realize that time wasted will not be recovered. The time you took to read this, cannot be recovered.

Do not take too much time to overcome something, eventually, you will have to, so why don’t you do it now?

If you don’t change waste time

Learn to stay strong, remember, you are not the only one trying to stay strong. Strength is a daily dose that we all need. Every day demands its own energy because it carries its own flaws.

Getting back to ease is always easy. Fight what looks like the past, fight your previous achievements, and fight yesterday as hard as you can. What you were great at yesterday is now gone, how you helped others is gone now.

Let go of the past achievements and start creating new ones, Life gives those who give, but how can you be given if you are holding too much.

You are the magnet that makes life around you healthy.

Don’t forget to say bye!

Leave all you know, abandoned all you knew, and start a new chapter.

Friends are good but some are for the season (school friends), and others are for a moment (that cute guy on the bus you never took the number) while others became family. Friends are the gift of life, especially those that you create a future with.

Bye bye!

This is for those who believe in their dreams too much, it is for those who are willing to put everything at stake to see their dream come to pass. It is for those who sacrifice a lot to bring it together. It is for those who are on the verge of making a hard decision. It is for you who believe in yourself. It is for you who believe one day it will happen. It Is mostly for those who believe in the world of impossibilities.

Do it for you, do it because you are part of it. Do it because you believe you can. Do it because it will help someone else. Do it because your future is bright. Finally, do it for your children’s future. Bye!


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