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Be in Love but Remember Yourself

You better be in love, because someday you will.

Love is a good feeling worth holding on to. It is the only feeling we never want to let go. Before betrayal, we love, we attach ourselves to someone, and we start to care about them. We feel we must do what “my love” asks and move as they want, forgetting ourselves in the process. “In love” is how we describe this feeling. We want to give our best. During those times, we want to hold those we love. We get sensitive to details, even the bad eating habits we observe and rebuke.

You want to know who am in love with? Read the First statement.


It is the invisible feeling that overtook us, that give us joy. Who doesn’t want to feel good? We give because we love, we suffer because we love, most of things we go through; good and bad, all because we love.

You need to understand this, to know how you will channel this energy to the right place. You are important.

After we are in love, our trust level increases and the fear of losing comes in. Trust develops faith but we listen more to others than ourselves.

Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way

Mavis Mazhura

We fear being left. You are afraid of losing because you think it brings shame. Fear plays a major role in insecurities unconsciously. Dig deep down and ask why until the why becomes fuzzy.

Be In Love and In control

Two people connect better when they are not trying to change each other. Accept the behaviors, accept the who the other person is. The problems starts when we try to change the other person personalities.

We were all raised in different backgrounds. The background we were raised in forms our thinking, our way of life. The house we were raised in forms how we arrange our own houses. The kitchen, the sitting room, bedroom look alike or almost the same way.

Our mindset carries a long way but has great influence in even how we feel, how we should feel and what we should feel.

Understand this and understand the difference between you and your ‘love’.

Instead of looking for something unique, or creating some fantasy or fallacy in your head, accept that we are all different.

Getting a well rich person or a well behaved person doesn’t create a perfect marriage.

Rather Love is created on acceptance, Tolerance and patience.

You need to understand your own self, your own values, your weaknesses, your strengths and accept your partner too.

If you get this useful, don’t hesitate to share it to someone who may need it.

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

Rupi kaur

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