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Why ‘Home’ Tv?

Everything is always rooted back to the roots. Nothing grows without being planted, if it does, then it must be uprooted fast. It is gain when you have something you care about, something you can die for, something you love so much. Life is useless when each morning you do not know why you are waking up. This is what we ever wanted But Joy comes after the tears and Pain is where value is created.

How it started.

As pain is the founder, the people we reach are the drive of it. Childhood wasn’t something to be proud of, The life behind doesn’t define the future either but we realized this after ten good years. Living in the past and hoping the past might bring some good people back was our thing. Some important people, the family we can say. Being raised in the midst of people who aren’t there might make you think being alone is a good thing, but it’s not. it’s in fact lonely, very lonely. It is amazing how you can be surrounded by tens of thousands of people and still be lonely. As a result, it creates someone who defines love and care differently.

The feeling of peace, the feeling of ‘you can still move back to the starting point, the feeling of having people you care about, the feeling of having people to connect with, the feeling that no matter what, you can get back HOME and still move on. It’s not about how they care about us that is important, it is the feeling that we can go to them that creates stability. In our today’s world, people are more connected online than offline, and the distance between us is emerging faster than we assume. We exist yet we don’t, we pretend but it hurts, we are there but we aren’t. We just have figured out a way of faking everything.

HOME is what we need, the stability of the pushback of life, the place we need to be sincere with ourselves. It requires honesty, though the truth hurts, it clears guilt. Not all of us are like that, but at least standing with the ones that are can be the goal.

What drives home?

It is not the love that we have for each other, the connection of home is deep inside the question “WHY”. Everyone defines home differently but We define Home as where the heart is. Everything else flows from what we consider important. That’s where we want to take you.

We believe we should connect with you, we should join you to bring out the best, the true version, acting out boldly without shame, and being oneself without harming others. We believe you can be productive in your community, and inspire and motivate others.



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