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Stop Pretending and Read This;

For some reason, we hide our true selves to portray the other good side of us; we want to feel appreciated, to be acknowledged, and it’s not bad at all. It feels good to be appreciated, and it feels good to be accepted and that makes us human.

welcome home

The job is making you feel good about yourself. You know how it’s tiresome and you hate it. You hate waking up every day in the morning, You hate that boss who speaks of things he doesn’t understand, does not know your story, your struggles and pain yet the salary is just not enough.

In your outside world, with your friends and family, they are proud of you. They are happy about you and they talk to everyone about you and it feels good though sometimes you don’t like it. It feels so good when others are advised to follow your path when you are the reference point of all good things.

If you have success in any area of your life, or “what they call success”, you know how hard it is, you know the daily struggles and you know every day is a takedown. You never talk about this at all this because you are willing to take the sacrifice, the sacrifice of being praised, the sacrifice of being referred to in a good way.

You, there at home, seeing everybody going to work. You want the job so bad that you are not seeing the hardships of it. You do not prepare yourself mentally, blindly, you make moves that will make you feel normal, normal like the rest of the people.

Here you are, with your phone every time, feeling good about it because you have a good phone, you gain the confidence of walking outside your home, holding your phone in hand, feeling like someone special. You want to feel this way, you want to feel important, you want to be important, but are you?

You have everything you ever wanted, you are the woman you always admired or the man you always dream of. Life has favored you, and you feel good about yourself. The hard work has finally paid off and now you expect to be happy, or everyone expects you to… but are you?

We act in many ways to meet our needs subconsciously, cover mistakes or avoid problems. We fear shame and guilt so we lie to cover the truth and the shame that comes with it. It’s tough to admit what we really want in a genuine way because of the consequences that come thereafter. but the truth is, you will meet the truth.

You like dating handsome guys and gorgeous ladies because to you, you love what others say about you. What you hear gives you respect, makes you think you are important, and makes you important. At least that’s what you want and it feels good.

How to get the truth.

Truth produces no notice, Truth is constant and doesn’t change regardless of anything. Truth is not facts but some facts are Truth. Truth is genuine, it is pure and honest. Truth satisfies and maintains peace. Truth is a burning fire, hold it for too long and it will burn you.

Truth is meant to be released, truth is meant to say it the way it is if you believe it will happen, you need truth. The point here is not to act weak or show your weakness, the point is not to be strong when at your weakest point, the point is to be true and genuine with yourself, to be strong because you have to, to cry when you need to, to laugh when you feel like. The point here is truthfulness, doing things because you want to, helping someone because you feel like it, without requiring evidence or proof of something you did. Doing it with one heart.

Do it because you are moved by you, do it because you feel happy about it, do it because is coming from the heart. The root has to be from inside, inside you, inside your emotions, where your actions come from.


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