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Single Parents, This is For You.

You took this path with a lot of faith, remember you had a stand that you will not return to that life. Did he leave you on the verge of giving up, did you give birth to a disabled child and you were disgraced and abandoned by the family you expected support from?. If your husband left you because another woman came into His life and you had to raise your kids on your own, here it does not matter. What matters most is the decision to continue. It matters that that decision felt tremendous and powerful and it had a future and was worth it at the time of making.

Maybe you are raising three children all alone, and perhaps you sometimes think that getting married to a man will deliver you from the daily challenges like providing milk and snacks every day. Maybe you are having that one child, who cries and calls you mummy only to ask for something you cannot afford, and since you don’t want to show your little child that you are broke, you lie with confidence. Maybe you are there with twins, less than a year old, wondering about a way forward. That decision is finally made and that’s where it’s important.

Maybe you think marrying a woman will help you raise your girl better. Get a stand.

You’ve ignored everything you want, every single thing you ever dreamt of will be changed because a priority has just come. The sacrifice of making a choice minus you, the sacrifice of living your life for someone else. You are a great parent, you should know that!

Being a single Parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.


What you need now is the power to move on, the power to be strong and courageous. You need the ability to see your future, to know what you are running after. Everything you do has to be in line with your future.

Strength is born, Courage is formed and Love is created. All this comes with life’s hardships; they shape you and change you for the best. You might not have enough faith, and you might fail to acknowledge the strength within you, But others have done it, you can do it too. Moving forward is not something easy, but not impossible either. Clear your mind and look into your future. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them with honesty:

  • Who do I want to be ten years to come?
  • What do I really want?
  • What should I do to get there?
  • How will I break them into small achievable steps?

You must discover this for yourself and no one else, Get the hard questions answered, and you’ll stop acting desperate, you will know exactly what to do, why to do it, who you exactly need in that journey, and the best part is, You will know who you do not need in your life.

Being a Single Parent Made Me Stronger Than Before.


You will be unstoppable when you know your goals are hard. We may not guess what you really want in this life but one thing is for sure, IT IS NOT A MAN OR A WOMAN. YOU DO NEED A MAN OR A WOMAN TO BE COMPLETE, but you need a man for other reasons.

The challenges you will face or the best words are “the lessons you will learn” about raising your child will help you and help others raise theirs. It’s all good now and we believe you can do this. We see a future in you as a single parent and we think you can do this, we know it is.

If this has helped you, don’t forget others that need it, Shareit and tap the “click me” button on the upper right and get to us. We are walking with you.

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