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Single Moms Sharing their stories.

You can send us your story at; you never know who you will inspire. Single parents, a widow, or widowers can reach out to us.

Story 1.

I went through a lot. I had a child with a man, and before a year was up, he befriended my best friend and kicked us out of his house, with my child. He told me that I was not his type… I almost gave up…depression was killing me…no job…and remember, I have a small daughter. When I called him, he would say that not every man supports his children. I sobbed a lot. I felt worthless… I returned to my parents’ house… I spoke with them, left my daughter with them, and traveled to Mombasa. I’d never been here before….worked here and there until I got a job with one of the big corporations… Before the three months were up, I received a promotion… He keeps calling to get us back together, but I don’t think I can… I’ll watch after my daughter… Never give up in this life and always pray a lot…

Story 2.

Wuuuueeeeh!! don’t even take me back there coz it was like hell but all in all, it’s God. Right now I would have been extinct.

Story 3.

It was extremely difficult for me during my pregnancy. Nobody was my friend, and I felt like killing myself. Life seemed hopeless, but God gave me strength, and my delivery went smoothly. So now I’m still hustling to find work.

Story 4.

First and foremost, God. Second, I have a good family who never gave up on me or treated me poorly; mum and dad helped me get something to work with, gave me a roof over my head, fed me and my child, and cheered me on whenever I was depressed or giving in to self-pity; and finally, me, for not giving up, for fighting and believing in my own worth.

Story 5.

At times, loving the wrong person can really mess you up. Imagine loving someone who has nothing and still cheats on you. This question gives me goosebumps. “Like, what do men really want?” Now for my story. I’m Maggy, a 26-year-old woman who fell in love with a man. Everything was fine until the side chick entered the picture while I was 4 months pregnant. I really liked the man and tried to talk to him but to no avail, so I called the side chick, who was also 3 months pregnant. I was afraid of becoming a single parent because I was raised by a single mother. I really wanted a home with this young man and was prepared to build my family from the ground up until it developed into a real family, but nothing went my way. I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell my mother I was pregnant, but she eventually found out. I was disappointed in myself and began to consider abortion or suicide. I was tired of begging this man to change for the sake of our baby, so I decided to end my life and that of my child. I went ahead and bought rat and rat (Rat poison) to kill me and the baby, but nothing happened. Days passed, and my mom called me and told me not to abort the pregnancy because it was already 6 months, so I decided to keep the pregnancy……. Fast forward I was already 9months and my due date was already around the corner I was really scared because it was my first time… And then the day came when I went into labor for four days and the pain was gone. I was scheduled for a cs operation at around 8 p.m., but due to unforeseen circumstances, I went to the operating room at 10:40 and by 10:45, a beautiful baby girl was in my arms. What bothered me was that the man responsible for the pregnancy was nowhere to be found, but I told myself that God has a reason for everything that has happened in my life.



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