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How To Love Again

It becomes complicated when you feel pain and you have nothing to hold on to. When there is a challenge, the best approach is to surrender, not giving up hopelessly but admitting defeat in anticipation of destruction. Surrender means you do not fight or struggle against whatever you are facing, simply sit down, shut up and listen!

Be still until your mind is clear and you truly understand where you are, how you got there, and most importantly, how you will get out without a struggle. Difficult situations make us grow because they nudge us into a position where we must confront the things we need to know but hate to admit to ourselves. In most cases, we do not create our own trouble, it’s our dramatic responses to trouble that creates more difficulties than the actual situation.

In Women, the external forces tells us what they want us to think, to know, in order to ensure they got what they want from us.


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1. Detachment

This is pulling back from anything or anyone, forgetting everyone ever existed. It is letting go of every single person in your life. Assume you are alone with no one there to look at anything you do, assume no one cares about the hell you do. Pull back from the world and be still in order to see yourself in the light. Develop a conscious ability to see yourself and others, how you relate, the behaviors you exert, and what or who activates them. Be You without others.

2. Discernment

Secondly, you need to understand what you are looking at, and how it relates to you. It is changing your perspective from you to it. It is looking at the situation without connecting it to you and watching how it relates to you, cutting open what you have in your life in order to examine it. It will enable you to throw what you do not need.

3. Enlightenment

Here you need to create a path for yourself, a path that only you want to follow, not because of anyone or anything. You need your vision and understanding. Then develop a character trait and practice it in order to maintain your new state of consciousness. You will know you are here when you can see and understand yourself.

4. Integration

It is the most active part of this process. You MUST take the information that you have and integrate it into your life. You have to discuss the old, and the new and discern, you have the ability to do new.

5. Evolution

The last step is simply practicing the trait or virtue you now know. Also, you need to develop and embrace your new you. As you continue, you will become wiser and make wise choices from henceforth.

It is not life that we fear, rather our beliefs about life that creates fear.

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Freedom comes when we’ve mastered the inner strength and the ability to say “No, that’s not my issue”. You must be honest enough to say what you can do, won’t do, or neglect what you don’t need. It’s being honest, not rude.

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