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The Questions We Never Ask!

“I hate to say it but I feel we are all brainwashed in this game” a game? yes. No one sees what is happening because we have become blind followers. We are trying to make things work the way they are not working. We are addicted to the hope of a better future, the existing future in our minds we want. We are told to pray and sit and then wait for God to do it, we are made afraid of making decisions because they may not be correct with God!

Is it wrong to analyze what they gave us, the bible which they translated a thousand times, making us believe it’s the holy book, yet they reprinted it, and their machines printed it, how come they did not preserve the original copy? Where is it? I heard the Islams teach all their believers their language, why do you think they do that!

Try passing a piece of information to someone and letting it pass across 10 people to reach the final destination and you will be surprised how the last person will receive a totally different thing from the original context. Yet We easily believe everything!

What are we waiting on? No one wants to question anything, we are all afraid of asking questions that one generation will stand and ask! Who will answer them! Is it the same Holy Book that was written ‘fear ye nothing!’.

The kind of respect we give to them, bowing each time we see them, it bores me! Worshiping them in our minds with the fear of being cursed! I wished we all read and understood how Jesus did not agree with the priests at that time, that boy asked too many questions seeking answers, but when we do, we look like atheists!

Haven’t you read about psychology? have you paid attention to what they claim? did you even pay attention to what the ‘scientists’ are saying? We are believers of the faith yet our lives reflect pain and mistakes, so many church cases are about the pastor and the choir, the choir and the choir, having sex even in the church offices! Yet we are here condemning others who don’t go to church, are we really checking our own self, can you not see we are all human beings on this earth just trying to survive!

Some people even don’t notice that we are stuck in the box, Don’t get me wrong. God exists, but the one we are preaching with the kind of results that we have! do not add up, it just doesn’t sound like Him! A lot of people believe it though. Why then, when we need help, the pastor prays for us and tells us to keep the faith, but when they need help, we are told to contribute our own money to bail Him out! it’s even pathetic that when they join politics, the church members are told to sow the seed, then they lose the elections and you wonder but do not ask!

We are there suffering and in need of help, we hope things get better, they confirm this every time we are there! We accept it because it’s too easy, and the process seems to flow perfectly but we are just fooled by randomness! Saying Amen to every post that tells us we will be given that Money! Those who have the cars, how did they get them!

Look back and watch how you have made every decision, look back and watch how things have been moving in your life. How did you get where you are now? Was it God who made you get there! That job that you got by sleeping with that man, now it’s a testimony that you announce and they clap also believing for the same. Is that what really happened! You keep sleeping with that man, yet when he so happens to send you money when you need it, you call it Favour from the Lord! Is it Him!

It feels good to believe, it feels good to sit and leave the responsibility to God! Try digging deep about how the church building really was built, from the foundation to the money to how it was finished. We just think God touched people and money was readily available! really! Why do the politicians come to church and talk about non-church issues yet the pastors sit and listen!

The whole system is twisted, what we preach is being disapproved by what they are seeing, the life we are living, and the things we do every day! You think people are blind! Think again!

It’s just too hard to convince the coming generation about what we believe, Stop creating excuses about how you are where you are now, giving yourself good reasons for the things that are happening, as long as it makes sense, It does not mean it is the truth. Did you not read about how the mind forms ideas! You don’t see it because you are inside the box, you won’t even because it feels too comfortable to leave that mediocrity life!

Are we the reason our life is the way it is! Are we the reason why nothing in life is making any progress! Are there truly curses and blessings or just consequences waiting to act on the decisions we made!

Facts can be twisted, Stories can be twisted, but Truth stands for so long. Science tries to explain how God created things yet we question their faith! Science has achieved so much that the church hasn’t. From the treatments, we get from hospitals, to how well we know the earth. The layers, how the mountains operate, to the discovery of the brain and its functions. These guys ask better questions and seek answers more than we do. We cannot compare our lives to theirs! and we are there acting like they are all wrong!

Reading this makes you question your faith. Yes, you should. Why should we believe something we were told to believe! Do we know what made them believe what they believe! Better question equals better life, better thinking, and a better generation ahead.


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