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MEET MELANIE. could you be her?

They had been together for more than nine years. One night she came home and knocked on an empty whiskey bottle at the front door, calling out loud for the maidservant. Upstairs she found nothing, no one, except for her baby crying in the sitting area all alone. The Tv and some other household items were missing, Immediately, she called the police. Things happened so fast that night, she ended up in her sister’s house.

When they first met was around Christmas. One of the friendliest families in the neighborhood, they occasionally invited friends of friends to Christmas family celebrations. Her late grandfather constructed a huge house for them. On an acre of land, a house with nine bedrooms, a sitting room, six stores, three guest houses, and the SQ. Snowmen stood watch all throughout Christmas in a leveled area near the pool, which had been nicely adorned.

On that day, Mellanie was standing next to the colorful x-mas tree, sipping her drink when Joshua appeared. A tall, skinny with a hoarse voice guy, approached her. The two got along together on their first time, and they felt a ‘Zing’ if that word exists, they got along on the first day they met. They had a great time henceforth and their journey began. Everything seemed to go well, lunch and dinner dates, the movies, the fun… they did a lot together. Everyone in their family admired the two, from how they communicated to how they did things together.

The passage of time is one way to see what we were doing yesterday, but she only had faith, and that is all we do in life—believe everything that makes sense. After dating for eight months, they moved in together. The type of marriage they both preferred—an attorney marriage—was enough for them to be happy. After their honeymoon in the Maldives, they had a small gathering with family and friends. When the general public applauds what we accomplish, we overlook the gaps.

That day she came home, they had a fight the previous night and the maidservant had taken their child to a birthday party at a friend’s house. Melanie was insecure about her husband’s actions of coming home late and not paying attention to her. ‘Always the meetings’. She had taken her family priority, given all it was needed and all she thought and was taught by her mother and family. But he wasn’t, maybe not as she expected.

Her days were spent at her workplace. On her mind, was her husband and their marriage. She wanted it to serve as a role model, be flawless, or at the very least, admirable. When she was a young girl, she had always dreamed of being married. After reading every book she could get her hands on and listening to everyone talk about marriage, she felt ready. Every morning she cooked breakfast before leaving for work to make sure he was prepared to go to work as if she had already arrived at her intended destination.

They had been looking for a child for eight years, before finally deciding to adopt their little child. Joshua wasn’t entirely in with her condition ‘thyroid disease. He sympathized with her instead of loving her. She saw it as love and she got committed.

Joshua had been going out so regularly, lately coming so late. He was a businessman and she was a surgical doctor. Melanie’s friend, Maggy, also knew Joshua. She used to see Joshua heading to clubs but she saw it as a normal thing people do. Joshua had been going to the same club for more than a year and it wasn’t a big deal for her. When the secret was out, it shocked her.

“Under the surface, you don’t know what you will find, until it’s your time. there are no second chances, all we can do is try, somethings are simple but hard to ignore, the truth is like that” her sister told Melanie the day she saw her on her door with her little girl…..

How did Melanie go by? follow us not miss what Melanie did in our next story, could you be her?


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