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Balance your inner self like this…



Balance is necessary if you’re uneasy, depressed, or furious. Our inner self is poorly managed, and this is what makes us lose ourselves, what knocks us off balance. When we become very thrilled, we predict occurrences. When we become angry, furious, or depressed, we fail to notice happenings. So where should you be right now?

We believe we have total control over ourselves, but do we? Because we are human beings with built-in emotions and a mind that can be developed and expanded to benefit us, we own both. We should acknowledge our weaknesses.

A Master knows himself, An amatuer knows others.

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In your world, you are the dominant figure and ruler of the environment. You are the one I think you should meet since I am not the one you are seeking for. You are incredible, beautifully made by your creator. In the same way that parents loved their children before deciding to have children, so did your maker. There is a reason you are reading this right now.

You must realize that your emotions govern you; you have feelings of rage, pride, sadness, and loneliness; you also have some vulnerabilities that are beyond your control and shouldn’t be managed at all. Accepting yourself for feeling the way you do is important. All you have to do is let it. The buildup of suppressed emotions, both pleasant and bad, is known as emotional prison.

Always be glad but not overjoyed, feel sad but not too much, and be furious but not too much. Love yourself no matter what. Learn about the culture of love. Love is the source of all emotions and has been kept a secret throughout history.

“Sei una persona speciale per me, abbi cura di te”



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