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What Happened to His Life is Sad |Derick

It was on a Monday morning when Derick was on a balcony at his house, watching the rising sun casting a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the balcony. The just-risen sun shone softly on his phase, bringing with it a flurry of early-morning activity. It was usual for him and also to add the great day ahead, made the sun more soothing to his face.

It was Monday, and you never know where the path will take you; all you can hope for is that it will take you where you want to go. It was his day to send his curriculum vitae to potential employers. Derick never had the opportunity to finish school and graduate; all he had was ambition and the belief that he could be somewhere someday.

Most people will not agree with you and will criticize you when you believe in what you do, but unlike Derick, He did not care about the naysayers because, in everything, you just have to give it a try. He desired to work in the top companies and improve his life. He had a family, which included his wife Emmah and her daughter Princess. They lived in an apartment near the rivers, where the majority of the garbage was dumped.

Her wife, Emma, ran a small grocery store near their home, on which the entire family relied. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Derick used to work at a mining center. He left around 5 a.m. and returned around 6 p.m. every day. During this time, their princess was born.

Derick was 27 when his mining job was terminated, and Princess had 4 months. He tried to find another job as quickly as he could, but it wasn’t easy for them. Every day, they spend their savings with no idea where the next money will come from. They received no support from either of their families, and they were told that it was too soon to stay together, but they declined.

They joined a local church during that time because they were in desperate need of assistance. Princess was growing quickly and required more and more items. The church provided them with basic necessities and food, as well as paying for their rented house. With a small child to feed, David and Emma went bankrupt. Emma’s health was deteriorating by the day. David was perplexed and felt cursed by the earth. Every day, he went looking for work, but the little he found was spent on their princess.

Derick wore a nice suit given to him by his pastor that Monday, determined to get a good job. That day, he went to more factories and businesses than usual. Later that evening, he was accepted by one factory, but he had to start immediately for the night shift. He was overjoyed, and he couldn’t wait to tell Emmah the good news the following morning. His first job was as a casual, swapping and moving engine oils. It was the most difficult job in the factory, but he didn’t care. He signed the necessary paperwork, put on his overalls, and got to work.

The night was slow, but morning came eventually, and he made a few friends that night because he was in a good mood. He rushed home that morning, smiling and greeting everyone he met on the road. When he arrived home, he opened his door to find his wife and princess gone. Their clothes had all vanished. He asked around and learned that someone had come and taken them by car the day before. He called everyone he could think of…reported the incident to the police… but his family was gone. He sat at home, wondering what he had done wrong.

He returned to the factory that evening, and worked as expected, but not as excitedly as the first day. Work distracted him at times, and home distracted him at work. He returned home the next morning, but Emma was not there. Day by day, he became sad and tired, regretting why he took that job, wishing he could just be home that day, unable to see his way forward. Every effort he made was for her; he once reflected on how his family had told him that they were young; perhaps they were correct.

After a month, Derick had made good friends with his coworkers and had even begun drinking beer. They used to get together and drink every Sunday. He was plagued by unanswered questions, too many questions with no one to answer them. Day after day, week after week Month after month, she did not return. It was torture for him.

Derick was promoted several times, and after a year and a half, he was the general manager, in charge of all the factories in his district. Life was good for him; he moved to a more luxurious location and purchased a car, and all the fancy types of furniture he could afford. He drove himself to and from work and lived alone. He never considered remarrying.

One of his coworkers was getting married, and Derick was one of the honored guests. His car was used to transport the bride because it was the most luxurious. The wedding went off without a hitch. He was at the wedding with his colleagues, laughing and drinking when Emma appeared out of nowhere. He was taken aback and went lame. Emma had regained her weight and was still as stunning as when he first met her.

Emma noticed Derick and their gazes met, instantly recognizing each other after a year. With so many questions on his mind, Derick went straight to Emma, staring at each other. Emma burst into tears. Derick had gained weight, and she couldn’t take her gaze away from his flabby stomach. They hugged and moved to the next seat, where she began to explain.

Emma used to spend more time at church than Derick. Emma became aware of the rumors that Derick was cursed. This caused most people to avoid Derick, including his wife. Even she couldn’t stand it, so she married a man recommended by a church member. With all the pressure she was under, she chose to leave.

Emma had married, and Derick’s child was in the care of someone else. All he wanted at the time was to see her little princess, and it broke him. Life appears unfair, but when you look at the roots, it is our decisions that make it so. Our decisions have an impact on others, but the Martha Teresa in us is never present. Emma was no longer in his life, and her little princess was calling someone else daddy. He later discovered Emma was pregnant.

His family was missing after he had accomplished everything he had set out to do for himself. Even his friends couldn’t fill that void. They agreed with Emma to spend time with his daughter. Every weekend, Derick brought her princess to his office and introduced her to everyone. He was extremely proud of her. Princess had no idea Derick was his father; he always addressed him as an uncle.

Even as a teenager, Princess refused to accept Derick as his father. With his level of success, Derick’s life was chaotic. Who was he to blame, himself? Emma? What about the Church? Where was the hope? Leave your response in the comments section. We are so taken with the success that we overlook the story behind it. True, not all that glitters is gold. Derick was depressed until his death.

We get sad and tired, with nothing left to give. You will get hurt sometimes, maybe you are hurt right now. Just know you will get over it, and you will find another life to live. The past can be broken but the future is not and the good news is you can create the life you want today. There is no point in getting back at someone, instead, use that energy to rebuild yourself. Life is like that, but we still have to live so find yourself at that moment, you just need you, find the spark of light in the midst of darkness, It is there.



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