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Understand God’s Love.

Understanding love is the first step toward knowing God because He is love. Jesus came and summarized the law, saying, “Love yourself as you love your neighbor and God with all your soul, heart, and mind.” John, who came as Elijah to prepare the way, also said that those who have two bread or tunics, as he described them, must give one to the other who does not. All of this is found in love; you cannot be in love and not show kindness. Scientists refer to love as a powerful force for getting what you want and living a happy life; they speak of the power of a positive mindset and its positive results; you, as a Christian, have the mind of Christ Jesus.
Are we dumb enough not to see that thinking positively is living a righteous life; evil is full of negativity, so thinking positively is the right thing to do? Righteousness is being right with God, doing what pleases God, and
doing what’s right in the sight of God.
See, love is the best feeling, it’s not self-seeking, it’s not proud but
kind. Love attracts love, trust me if you have love in you, you’ll
understand this. The Law is based on Love, If you be in-love
you are in the law, simple as that. Friend, all you need is to know love, and its
values then you are in the law. Selfishness, hatred, easily angered, lack of
self-worth and all the negative feelings mostly don’t belong to Love, it is
slow to anger. if you need to know the will of God, then do to your
neighbor what you would have done to yourself, walk in Love and fulfill
the law.


This is primarily determined by how you interact with your friends, coworkers, family, and everyone else in your environment. Most people are greedy and selfish, as these two are linked because they work together or the latter causes the former and vice versa. Have you ever looked at someone who is oppressed and felt as if it were you who is oppressed, the sympathy that you feel…. That is love on demand; you cannot have compassion on someone until you have passion for them.

This law that God established was not for His own glory or because He was selfish or doing something evil for himself, but for our own good; if you do evil to someone else or act unfairly to someone, he will turn to God and pray because He is the Father of ALL, Our Father of Love and Compassion will judge you right.
What is the point of treating our brothers and sisters unfairly when we are both His sons? What’s the point of stocking food in the kitchen if your brother is going to bed hungry?

We have the same Father as Jesus, who simplified the entire law with love, so love your Father and love yourself.
Simple, your brother. Loving your brother entails taking care of each other.
and treating each other with the understanding that we have one another
Father. It is written, ‘Love not the world, and if you love it, love the love of God.’
I’m just simplifying it, but the Father is not in you. If you care about the world, it will care about you.
Make you selfish and greedy, and you will be insufficient. Learn to give without being asked.
Let your right hand not see what your left hand is doing.

Love is the desire to see your sister or brother.
prosper, and a desire to do what is best for others Your Heavenly Father Adored You
You for free, you for free, our forefathers sinned too much, but His unfailing love endures.
Love went ahead and sent His only Son so that we could be with Him.
made righteous in the eyes of our Father You now understand what it means to be in love.
forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness Because God is Holy, sin is prohibited.
a disgrace in His eyes, you know, His presence does not permit unholiness.

Cain murdered Abel, and the first thing God said to him was,
‘Where has your brother gone? What exactly have you done? why is your blood red?
‘Brother crying to me from the ground,’ you see, this was not a joke.
Cain never answered any questions in the middle of the conversation, but as
As loving as He was, He gave him the opportunity to explain himself, but the guilt remained.
Was Cain eating so quietly? The question is, how many tears have you shed?
Have your brothers and sisters turned to God? In contrast to now, God spoke directly.
We await the verdict.

How many people have died as a result of your cries or blood? Consider how many times God has seen you do wrong, inflict injustice on others, treat your brother as an enemy, hold grudges, and beg God to forgive you. It’s the equivalent of adding fire to fire. Love is freedom, it is letting go of all that pain, it is doing the right thing, it is letting go of wrong, it does not hold grudges, and it has peace within it. God’s Mercy triumphs in Christ; all you have to do is admit your error, and repent to your loving Father, and He will have compassion on you out of His Love. Be honest with yourself; no one can lie to God, and God is not a man who should lie. He is omnipresent, [everywhere], it is written, ‘He sees in the dark and He is the light,’ where can you hide from His presence? How can you possibly deceive The Almighty Father? Repentance is defined as turning away from your wicked[evil] ways. Just like that. Walking in love and obeying the law


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