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  • Single Moms Sharing their stories.

    You can send us your story at; you never know who you will inspire. Single parents, a widow, or widowers can reach out to us. Story 1. I went through a lot. I had a child with a man, and before a year was up, he befriended my best friend and kicked us out…

  • Single Parents, This is For You.

    You took this path with a lot of faith, remember you had a stand that you will not return to that life. Did he leave

  • Stop Pretending and Read This;

    For some reason, we hide our true selves to portray the other good side of us; we want to feel appreciated…

  • Why ‘Home’ Tv?

    Everything is always rooted back to the roots. Nothing grows without being planted, if it does, then it must be uprooted fast. It is gain when you have something you care about, something you can die for, something you love so much. Life is useless when each morning you do not know why you are…

  • Business Terms You should know.

    Business is creating and providing something of value that other people want or need at a price they’re willing…

  • Be in Love but Remember Yourself

    You better be in love, because someday you will


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