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The Story to Read

Ann was unable to comprehend how her life could have improved in such a way. She was born, and her mother passed away. His father was forced to make a decision between his wife and the daughter she had never met. While he was taking his time to make the choice, his wife decided to put his daughter’s life ahead of her own since sometimes life doesn’t just give you what you want, whether you cry all you can. It then started.

Ann appears, sobbing while being carried to his father by the nurse. She was thin, with a mushy spot that moved up and down on her anterior frontal (a diamond-shaped area on top of her skull). On her limbs, ears, and back, there was a lot of downy fuzz. The skin was covered in a white, waxy layer that is often eliminated following a baby’s first birth. After holding his child, he was perplexed. He was happy to see his child while also feeling puzzled, unhappy, and angry. Considering the situation, the nurse advised her, “She’s gone but as your baby grows from a newborn to an infant to a toddler, never stop talking to her, hugging her, and giving her that one-on-one time. The most crucial activities for babies are these.” Even the accent the nurse had is something he hasn’t forgotten.

Growing up and having her father drive her to and from school, Ann learned to love her father just as much as he loved having her be inspired by all he did. Occasionally, life can be so motivating. Previously, his father had a 9 to 5 job. Every weekend, he could go out and have fun with his kid or take her to parks. He was merely a nice father like the majority of you; fun for him meant spending time with them.

In her teenage years, Ann came to the conclusion that having a father wasn’t enough to make her whole and started to pose difficult questions. Things are not always how we perceive them to be, thus how we perceive things depends on where we are and who we are with. Her school friends would question her about her mother, but she had no idea. She had never been concerned by it before.

He arrived so late on the night she wanted to question her father but she was fast asleep. She got up early the following morning and made breakfast so they would have time to talk, but it appeared that the old man knew and arrived as predicted. The silence that followed breakfast was extremely rare. She eventually broke it and enquired, “Who is my mother?” He gave her a sympathetic look before telling her the story of how she was born.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she turned to face him and knew how much she meant to him. She experienced intense affection because of the breaking tone of his voice, which had never happened before. Since then, their bond has become significantly stronger. After receiving a bear hug from his father, she headed for school as usual after breakfast.

You won’t get what you want or how you want it from life. Beauty is found in embracing and accepting things for what they are rather than for what we wish they were. She was incredibly thrilled to have a father as their friendship grew stronger than before. Even though her father wasn’t wealthy, she had the ideal life, even during her marriage. Their happy days were simple.

When her father died at age 87, it was the most tragic day of her life. Fortunately, her husband was there for her, but not even he could erase the blue imprint that his father had left on her heart. The elderly guy never had the chance to meet his grandparents, but every family member that was born was told of his life and the love and care he had for them.

A story to read is a story to inspire, a story to help you see things differently, and will reassure you that you are not alone.



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